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Model: WLP-6
Model:WLP-6    Name: Cubical Stacking LP storage rack (540 pieces)
Finish: solid wood    Size W700×D340×H1160
   1. N.American walnut pillow block bearing
   2. solid wood double frame×4

   Since Emile Berliner patented LP discs in 1888,LP became major pattern of music media well established and accepted all over the world.
   Edison’s genius invention on sound recording machine resulted in the production of LP is not only a legend of the music industry but also contributes to all music lovers with great recording of irreplaceable performance of the past master class musicians of which are sure to be a treasure for generations.
   Guizu audio series impresses the music lovers with the concept that profound knowledge of music history and audio technology deeply implanted in our unique design remining you the precious time of the past.                                   

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