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  • WST-3P(声学结构调节板)
    Model: WST-3P
    Model:WST-3PName: Acoustics platform
    Finish: natural walnut,
          heat-treated metal crystal
    Size W500×D450×H60
       1. We use MDF (12mm in thickness with evenly distributed frequency resonance) coupled with solid wood frame to create a designed resonance controlled platform.
       2. The Acoustic platform internally filled with various sized geometrically shaped cavities arranged in a symmetrical pattern .The inter-modulation of the cavities not only bates 90% of resonance originated from the equipment but also dissipates harmful resonant peaks created by the equipment itself.
       3. In order to eliminate the resonance of the power amplifier. HI FI equipments, A series of experiments and complicated calculation have been carried out which led to the conclusion that the best result can only be attained by filling specific cavities with material named "Sound caviar", a crystallized material processed with "Alumite" after thermo treatment so as to reduce the carbon content to less than 0.1%, beads (1.2mm)coated with black color will have density greater than sand and Zircon sand.                                   


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