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  • A套件(A套空间声学处理模件(30件))
    Model: A套件
    Acoustics regulator board (Model: A) 
    Be suitable for 12-24 square meters room.

    Model: QRS-1230 (For the flank of the field)
    Size:W350×H32×L1200mm,total two sets (with 8 blocks).

    Model: QRP-625 (For the ceiling)
    Size: W600×H32×L600mm,total one set (with 6 blocks).

    Model: QRW-450 (For the back of the field)
    Size: W600×H56×L380mm,total one set (with 4 blocks).

    Model: QRP-625 (For the front of the field)
    Size: W600×H32×L600mm,total one set (with 4 blocks).

    Model: PRS-900D Sound trap
    Size:  W300×H900(R200),total 4 sets for the corners (with 8 blocks).


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